You need legal documents served. What's the process of Process Service? process server

What the Server needs from you.

We need a PDF of the documents for process service. 

We need the targets name as well as the address to which service should be attempted.  If the target has moved or you only have a p.o. box we can work with you in some circumstances to do what is commonly referred to as "skip-trace"  or attempting to locate their location for the purposes of service of process. 

The more information  you can provide in the body of the email  with the documents for service the more efficiently and promptly will will be able to execute service.  Often, little is known about a target.  However, we welcome  any relevant information you can provide us such as: physical description, schedule, other members of the household, age, vehicles driven animals on the premises etc.  

It is always best to get the documents to the process server promptly.  All legal documents have different requirements as far as how many attempts must be made, when the attempts must be made as well as the manner of service required by law.  Delay's in getting the documents to the server could result in extra rush fee's.  The sooner we have your documents for service the less cost for you as well as the greater likelihood we will be able to successfully serve the target in accordance to the law.

What to Expect from us.

To initiate a request for service of process either complete the online job order OR  email the PDF of the documents for service to Thereafter,  you will receive an email back acknowledging receipt. 

We will then review your documents and email you an invoice which you can securely pay-online using the provided link.  Once payment has been remitted another email will be sent by us outlining that the file has been prepared and entered into the service rotation.

WNY weather and current volume will dictate the speed of which the first attempt will begin.  You will receive an email from the field when the server has made any attempts and or has served your document(s). 

Once service is completed another email will be generated with a draft of the Affidavit of Service which will be returned to you by mail. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that you file the Affidavit of Service with the appropriate Court.

Online Submission of Papers for Service of Process

Once you submit your documents for service we will review them. If we have any questions or need additional information we will contact you by email. 

Once your file is made up you will receive an email with an invoice which is payable online securely via the invoice link.

Upon receipt of payment your file will be entered into the service rotation.  Emails of all attempts at service will be emailed automatically from the field. 

Thank you for trusting WNY Process Service with the Service of Process of your documents.